Budget Approved budget is 263 736 Euro for 24 months The starting duration was 01 10 2020 The project will last until 30 09 2022. Documentation Educational package for SMEs to improve their innovation capabilities and productivity 2020 1 HU 01 KA 202 078669 on each document Bookkeeping should be separate + Vat declaration

24.- 25.11.2020 Dissemination strategy (SPK), Darina Machovičová, Project Manager SPK

Each partner will be responsible for making project results not only visible but, most of all, appealing beyond the scope of the project partnership Dissemination will be a constant effort of all partners that will take place at various levels including local, regional, national, and European levels, and it will encompass the whole project duration The overall aim of dissemination activities is to communicate the project and its results to the widest possible audience of the target groups ( innovation agencies and researchers on one hand and SMEs and umbrella SME institutions on the other) as well as to the general public raising awareness for policy makers and most of all SMEs about good practice in innovation management

Desk research objectives Planned duration: 2 months (March – April, 2021)
The research objective is to map the situation of innovation management in each of the partner countries. Through the desk research the partnership will gain in depth knowledge over: State of the art of Innovation Management Systems in, partner Countries, Key Competences, skills and knowledge status for , Innovation Management in each partner country, Best Practices on Innovation Management, Educational Opportunities in Innovation Management

At the end of the research, IDEC will prepare a research report that summarizes the results (20-30 pages). A short version (8-10 pages) of the report will also be prepared by IDEC, which will be translated by partners into their national languages.

The first day of the EPIC online meeting has followed the proposed durations efficiently, with only a minimal difference affecting the proposed durations. The core aspect of the first day was the introduction of the partnership, the realization of goals, and to assemble the basis of a mutually supporting cooperation between the partnership.