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Educational Package For SMEs to Increase Their Innovation Capabilities And Productivity.

  1. The Guide – consisting of 6 educational modules and Examples of Best practices (14 case studies elaborated by project partners integrating their own experience from praxis)
  2. Practical group exercises (19 practical exercises and games focusing on innovation)
  3. Online Self-assessment tools – an online complex questionnaire suitable for individuals and/or to get a picture of the whole team or department.
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  4. Offline card game „Innovation Wizard“
    AF_Clairvoyant Cards_A4 EN
    AF_Instrucoes EN
    AF_Juggler Cards_A4 EN
    AF_Organisation Cards_A4 EN
    AF_Inspiration Cards_A4 EN
    AF_Power Word Cards_A4 EN

EPIC best practices

EPIC Research Summary Report

EPIC – Leaflet