Educational package for SMEs to increase their innovation capabilities and productivity
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The EPIC project is implemented by a consortium of 7 partners – an innovation consulting company, an adult training and consulting provider, three training and business consultancy organizations, a manufacturing company, and a business association from 7 countries (Hungary, United Kingdom, Cyprus, Portugal, Greece, Slovakia, Romania).
The importance of innovation for SMEs is widely recognized. Innovation boosts productivity and facilities substantial growth in sales. Survival rates are also higher in SMEs that innovate, for the simple reason that they are flexible and better able to adapt to challenging market conditions. The EPIC project consortium develops a complex educational package that helps SMEs to increase their innovation capabilities and productivity based on the content of the technical specification of the CEN/TS 16555 1-7 “Innovation management” European standard family for both middle/top and innovation managers of SMEs and for any employees taking part in innovation projects or processes.
1.) middle/top/innovation managers of SMEs
2.) employees in other positions who take part in innovation process(es) or project(s) in SMEs
IO1: Study of innovation management skills/competencies/knowledge
IO2: Online self-assessment tools
IO3: Training package
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